What is the process of House Plan Submissions ?

As you might or might not know, no building work is allowed to start until building plans have reached their final approval. The City of Cape Town have released an easy to follow info-graphic to explain how the process of house plan submissions work.  This info-graphic is a step-by-step guide to submission; starting at the front counter where the clerk will make the initial assessment, and then pass it on to the relevant department for scrutiny and capturing on to the system.  After the plans are submitted into the system and logged on the computer a Tax invoice is generated. If amendments are required the officer will notify the architect to rectify. The fees have to be paid before the plans then move on through the system and various departments for clearance.

Once the plans have been finally approved a notification will be sent out and it can be collected.

Please click on link below to download the City of Cape Town infographic brochure:

Building plan approval process Cape Town

SANS Regulation A